Thursday, May 22, 2014

Testing Candles from Dollar Tree

A couple of months ago I was at Dollar tree and I got bored, so I started looking at candles. Everyone needs a few candles in case the power goes out or in the event of some other disaster. Don't they? Well, I thought so, so I purchased a couple of candles to experiment with, one tall and one short. The short one had approximately 4 inches of wax inside of it, and the larger one had probably 10 or 12 inches of wax. Here is what they look like. In this picture we have already burned the red candle, it is some kind of a cherry flavored candle, but you cannot smell it at all unless you get your nose right over it. It burned approximately 28 hours.

But the white one? It surprised me, , burning for approximately 93 hours total. . I was rather impressed by this,  especially for the fact that you can buy each one of these for one dollar.  That's a lot of candlelight for not much money.

So if you are a prepper or something like that or if you just want some extra candles hanging around ,, you might want to give these a shot.


  1. Impressive. Normally candles like that end up "drowning" themselves in melted wax.

  2. No drowning was observed. Once they were lit, they stayed lit all the way down to the bottom. I don't think I would claim that they put off an awful lot of light, but if you wrapped foil halfway around the candle it should reflect even more light to whatever you wish.