Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp

Have you ever heard of Crystal Head Vodka? If not, then have you ever heard of Dan Aykroyd? He's a little actor type dude, or at least he used to be. He was in the Ghostbusters movies and The Blues Brothers. Now I think he just owns a bar and a brand of vodka. It's called Crystal Head Vodka, and it comes in these really cool looking bottles that look like a glass head. Kinda cool. See?


I thought that this would look really neat if we made a lamp out of it. In the photo above the bottle is turned sideways and if you look closely you can see that we have drilled a hole in the side of the glass bottle down near the bottom.

First I ordered a string of 50 white fairy lights to put in to the glass skull. Then I bought a bunch of these red decorative, marble type things that people like to put in vases in order to give them color. After we put the lights into the bottle we filled it up with these red marble type things, hoping to have a really cool looking red skull lamp. And it was kinda cool looking, but it didn't put off very much light and it wasn't really all that red. And we also put black duct tape on his eyes.
Here it is all lit up. I guess the red marble things kind of muffled the light.

So I ordered a string of blue fairy lights, I think there are 40 on this one. We put them into the bottle and presto, we have a cool looking blue lamp. See?


Future plans call for a string of 40 red fairy lights and we will see how cool that is. They only cost about five dollars, and they come in about six or seven different colors. I guess you could change the color of your lamp to suit the occasion or your mood.

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