Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fly Shooting

Yeah, you heard me. I said fly shooting.

Why would I want to shoot a fly? Because they're there. Because they are evil creatures that spread diseases and other nastiness. Because they are ugly. And, mostly, because it's fun to shoot them. Most people enjoy whacking them with fly swatters, but this is even more enjoyable.

All right, now how do I go about this fly shooting? Well, first you procure a fly shooter, kind of like this one.

I got it at Bass Pro shops for about six dollars. Then you put it together, which takes about a minute and a half. When you get it together, it looks something like this.

And also, when you get it together, you push the little white screen onto the pistol looking thingy and there you go. You are ready for action. Locate a fly, aim carefully and pull the trigger. Now you have one dead fly, your mother is overjoyed at the absence of such a creature, and you are ready to look for another beast to slay. Basically, it works like a dart gun, except that it is easier to hit a fly with this.

For your enjoyment here is a video showing the awesome destructive  power of this new wonder weapon.

Here are some fly shooting tips in no particular order-

The string that is provided with your fly shooter will not cut the mustard. It is too damn short, allowing limited range. We cut off the string and tied on a six foot piece of fishing line, giving us much more range and more enjoyment.

Flies are best killed if they are on a flat surface and you are shooting straight at them. If they are on a flat surface, such as the side of a refrigerator and you try to shoot them at an angle, they will likely buzz on off on their merry way.

Flies are easily attracted, although your mother may think it is best done outdoors.  To ensure the best hunting conditions for you, you need to set her straight real quick and explain exactly  how you are helping her by leaving all the windows open , so that your targets may enter the dwelling.My nephew likes to hang a piece of ham on the side of the outdoor trash bin to attract them. And he will wait a few moments, then proceed to pick them off one by one as they make their appearance. And he will also toss a piece of ham onto the pavement and shoot straight down at them as they nibble away. Sometimes this keeps him entertained for an hour or so, which is a good thing.

Killing flies will develop your shooting skills also. You can hone your breathing technique, your trigger pull, and if you remove the string altogether, you can also practice range estimation, target identification, and learn your trajectory. If you do decide to remove the string, it will take a little effort to go retrieve the little white plastic dart thingy after you pull the trigger. This is when a dog, a little brother or sister, or a wife will come in handy- they can retrieve your ammunition and bring it back to you after each shot.

Happy hunting!

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