Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Handiest Flashlight You Will Ever Own?

This very well could be it. Made by Blackfire, it's called the Clamp Light. And it happens to be very cleverly named, mainly because you can clamp this little sucker just about anywhere. And just where might I want to clamp it, you may be asking yourself? Well, you can clamp it onto a chair, kind of like this-

You can clamp it onto a gate, like this-

You can clamp it onto a cabinet, a door, a curtain, a tree branch or a ladder. Hell, you could probably clamp it onto a Kitty cat or even your wife's foot, as long as you get them drunk or let them fall asleep before you make the attempt.

 Here it is clamped onto a kitchen cabinet, lighting up the area beneath the sink. Woud that not come in handy for plumbing jobs?

And it even stands up, like this-

And this-

But wait, there's more. It has a swivel head that is able to swivel in 2 different directions.

It can swivel up and down, and at the same time, you can twist it sideways. You can pretty much point it in any direction that you wish.

 You can put this thing just about anywhere and point it just about everywhere that might need to be lit up.

Pretty handy dandy, if you ask me. The only flashlight I can think of that might be more versatile is a headlamp, but with those you always have to be looking at the thing you are lighting up. This flashlight might even be better than a headlamp.

It uses 3 AAA batteries , a Cree led and it puts out 100 lumens, fairly bright for just an average around the house flashlight. And it's supposed to put out 7 hours  of maximum light, then gradually fade away. We've had it for a year or so and used it a fair amount and it is still ticking along. I would recommend it. And if there is a handyman type in your life, he would probably benefit from having one of these. Christmas is coming up you know,  maybe you should get him one. Better yet, get him a gun. Even better than that, get him both.

Here is a little video that shows what all you can do with one of these.


And no, I have nothing to do with this company or product. Just trying to relay some information that might make your life a little easier.


  1. Huh! That's one of those really neat ideas that seems really obvious, but only after you've actually seen it. Kudos to whomever came up with it.

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