Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Holster for the Sheriff

The Sheriff was looking a little lonely. He needed a companion. A mate. Some things are just like that, they need something else to complete them, to make them whole. Some things just go together, like peas and carrots, sunshine and bikinis, spring break and beer, boys and girls. They just belong together and when they are separate, it just don't look right. So I got online and started searching for a companion for the Sheriff. This is the prettiest mate that I could find.

It's a necklace holster, designed to be worn around the neck. That's why it's called a necklace holster. I found it on eBay by a seller named joe'scustomleather. And it's a nice little holster. Made of good materials, the workmanship is good also. It's a fairly simple little holster, put your pistol in it, and snap it down and it is going to stay put.

In case you have forgotten, here is what the North American arms Sheriff looks like. Doesn't he look rather pitiful and sort of lonely, lying there all by himself? Let's see what we can do to make him happy.
There. Doesn't he look happier now? The gun fits in the holster tightly, you have to really  shove it into the holster in order to snap it down. . This is good,  because it will probably loosen up slightly as it breaks in.  Snug as a bug in his new home, he is not coming out of there, not unless someone unsnaps him and pulls him out.
But now I'm wondering........ what if you were out in the woods walking around, and you stumbled upon something that needed to be shot and you shot it 5 times. What then? You would have an empty gun and be out in the deep, dark woods defenseless? What if there were some way to carry some ammo with you?
Something like this perhaps? Yes, something like that. It came from eBay also, a tiny leather bag. Did anyone ever tell you that there are one or 2 neat things to be found on eBay? Did anyone ever tell you that you can find anything in the world on eBay? Well, if they didn't, you can.. This seems to be a nice little match with the revolver and the holster.. We punched a hole in it so that we can hang it on the necklace.
Here's what it looks like with all 3 of them together.
North American arms Sheriff, holster by joescustomleather, and a small ammo pouch. This is what it looks like hanging on your chest. and it's in a pretty handy location, I think. What else could you need?  Add a small pocket knife and a fire steel in the ammo pouch and you are good to go. The Sheriff is happy.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The ammo pouch will hold over 50 rounds, probably 75 or so, but I certainly wouldn't want that much weight hanging around my neck, that would get noticeable after a while. so we have about 20 rounds in it.. Hopefully that will be enough to enable us to shoot. and kill anything that. needs to be shot with a 22.


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