Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make An Alcohol Stove

I watched a video about making an alcohol stove from a tin can.  It looked like a lightweight, cheap, pretty sure fire way to cook things when you're on the trail, so we decided to make one.  And it is simple.  A six year old could probably make one of these.  You need a can, a way of making holes in the can, and some alcohol.  That's it.  Look below.

Here is our can, it used to be a small can of crushed pineapple.  We took a 3/16 inch drill bit and drilled a line of holes all the way around the very top.  Just below that we added a second row of holes, spaced in between the ones above.  And the Heet is 99% alcohol, or something like that.  It's easy to find and its pretty cheap for a fuel source.

Here is another view of our holey can.

Pour in some fuel, light and then you're ready to cook.  In our case, two rows of holes were not enough.  There was not enough air getting in and the flame barely kept alive.  So we added a third row of holes and it worked splendidly.  It took approximately 8 minutes for this pan of water to boil.  I thought that wasn't bad and I will definitely be trying it out more in the future.
Apparently you can use just about any kind of can for a stove.
Watch this video and it will show you exactly how---



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