Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We need some pants

Now that I had a knife, I could hardly let it run around naked.  It needed some pants.  I thought I would have a hard time finding one to fit it properly so we decided to make some.  Here's how the process went down.  I'm sure that you're interested in knowing so I will show you.

First you draw out a rough pattern of the sheath that you desire to make

Then you trace out your pattern on leather.  I bought a big bag of leather scraps for $6.00 at hobby lobby and this is part of it.  There is enough leather left in the bag for lots more projects.

Cut your pattern out on the leather.  It looks extra long but only because the long piece will be folded under to create the belt loop before it is all riveted together.

Get it folded the way you want it, place your knife in it, press the leather down tightly and clamp it were you want it and draw an outline of your knife on the leather.  Then mark the spots where you want your holes.  I bought a leather punch but it didn't last very long so we drilled the holes and it worked out great. I had no leather sewing needle or any suitable thread so we used rivets.  And I wanted three eyelets across the bottom. Just because.  Rivets and eyelets are not hard to do, if you can hammer a nail fairly straight, then you're probably capable of setting a rivet. 

Here it is still clamped but with three rivets set

Here all of the rivets have been installed and also the eyelets across the bottom.  Then we used a metal square and utility knife to trim off the extra leather. We also used leather cement along the edges where both pieces came together, then set something heavy on top of it until it was fully dried.  That leather cement works better than I thought it would.

In this picture the snap has been installed.  At this point the entire sheath was wet down, the knife installed and snapped in place, and both of them were left to fully dry.  This formed the leather exactly to the contour of the knife.
And here is the little fellow in his new home, comfortable and snug as a bug in a rug.  At some point we will oil the leather to darken it and protect it further from moisture.  Turned out to be an easy and rewarding little project.  Just took a little time.

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