Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama Bin Laden, you have been xxxxed

Sonofabitch! We got his ass, finally! Yee haw, yippee ki yay! Take that, you bastard! Happy days are here again.

Poor little dude woke up to find some big bad navy seals in his house. They scared him.  Then they shot him in the chest and the forehead. Too bad. What is it that they say, what goes around comes around? The world is a great big circle? Karma or some other shit like that? Do unto others what you would have them do unto you? Well, it got done unto him and I am happy.

I am also relieved, I guess. Not that I think that Al qaida is now going to give up or that the world is instantly a safer place but it is like finishing an important chapter in a book. The way I see it, our fight with these Muslim extremists, is still going to be a long one. But I do think we are perhaps approaching halftime, with much of the game still left to play. Is there a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel? Not yet I think, but maybe a tiny red glowing ember will sprout from this and be nurtured into a roaring fire.

And I'm also pissed! It's taken 10 years to kill one man. Ten damn years! We had the sucker at Tora Bora and instead of putting U.S. troops along the border to prevent his escape into Pakistan, we decided to let the Pakistan army take care of that. They took care of it all right, they took a big fat payoff and let him through. This is the kind of ally we have in Pakistan. And we are giving their gov't over a billion dollars every year, just to prop up this sorry gov't so that the extremists will not take over the country. We are damned if we do and screwed if we don't. What a mess.

And this raid that got osama has turned into a media circus. He was firing at the seals so they killed him. No wait, he was unarmed. But he was resisting. We have taken his body into custody. No, we do not have his body any longer. It was buried. Buried where? It was buried at sea. We have photos of the body and they will be released shortly to show the world proof. No, wait. We will not release the photos. That would only make people mad. Would the media like details of the raid? No problem. It was seal team six that carried out the mission. They used extra scary black helicopters to violate the Pakistan airspace and used radar jamming equipment to confuse their radar. How did we find him in the first place? Well, this was a secret mission and if I told you that, then the terrorists would know our secrets and they would know how to hide better in the future.  No no, I will just tell you that we located and identified one of his couriers and followed him back to the compound. There, don't you feel better now that you know, the rest of America and the world knows and that the rest of Al qaida know? Did we find things that might help us capture or kill more Al qaida?  You mean things such as computers, discs, thumb drives? That is confidential information that should not be leaked out but oh yes, we found a bunch of them and it is a treasure trove of information about Al qaida and where we might find them. Uhoh. Did I just say that? By revealing that information did I just compromise future missions to capture these bad guys?  By golly I did. Let me think about it a while and I will see if I can come up with anything else about the raid that I can tell you that will further jeopardize our efforts.  Shut up people!  There is a reason these are called secret missions.

What a freaking clusterfuck. I'll bet our special forces guys are really damn mad right now, probably thinking, why do we even bother?

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