Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recoil Reducing Shotgun Stock

One of my relatives purchased a Mossberg 500 and he did not like the stock that was on it. He wanted it to be more tacticool. So he got to looking around on the Internet and found a stock that he liked. It is made by Phoenix Technology and it is cool. Just how cool is it?

It is this cool. Not only does he like its looks, he likes the fact that it stores extra ammo, and he also likes the fact that it has a built-in recoil reduction system. It has a spring inside and when you fire the gun, the spring flexes and absorbs some of the recoil. He told me that he figured it reduced the recoil by maybe 10 or 15%, and he hopes that it works even a little better after it gets broken in, maybe a couple of hundred rounds through it.

Here is a video of another guy that has one, he talks about the recoil reducing capability.

These two photos will further demonstrate its coolness. . Not only is it cool looking and it reduces recoil in a cool way, it is so cool that it is adjustable.  In this picture the stock is extended all the way out.

And in this photo the stock is collapsed as far as it will go. How cool is that?
 Not only does it look cool, it acts cool, and is adjustable so that people of differing arm lengths can shoot it and look cool, it is so cool that you can remove the stock and have only the pistol grip to hang onto as you shoot. Of course, you will not hit anything shooting it like that, but who cares? You will look so cool shooting it that if there is a bad guy in the area, he will immediately toss his weapon to the ground, begin weeping and beg you to take him to jail.
Here is one more photo, just to overwhelm you with the coolness of the entire gun.
 It cost him around $80 or so, it installed easily and it fits well. I watched him put 50 rounds or so through it and it seems to work just fine.  He is a happy camper and is ready to hang out with all of the utmost tacticoolest mall ninjas.


  1. I'm more of a nice piece of walnut with fiddleback through it, but it would be boring if we all thought the same.

  2. Yes. He is young, hopefully he will learn better at some point.