Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Brightest Eight Dollar Flashlight You've Never Heard of?

Need a flashlight that puts off lots of light? Want it cheap? Do you want it to be built extremely well and last the rest of your natural life?

Well that's too bad, cause it ain't gonna happen.. The best you can get is two out of three.

Just recentlyI stumbled across a flashlight that puts off lots of light and it is cheap. It works well, but I have not used it long enough to speak for its durability.

Here it is.. It is called a Sipik sk- 68.  It features a Cree xr- e q5, or something very close to that. Constructed of aluminum, it only has one mode, supposedly it puts out 260 lmns and it is zoomable, you can adjust it from being a floodlight to a spotlight  and it has a handy belt clip. In this picture it is in the floodlight mode.
In this picture, the head of it is pushed forward,, putting it into the spotlight mode.


Standing 8 feet away from the wall, this is what it looks like in flood mode.  The circle of light is approximately  four feet across.

And here it is when you shift it into spotlight mode.  At the same 8 foot distance, the concentrated beam of light is probably about a foot across.

 Now, does this light actually put out 260 lm ? I have no way of knowing because I have no way to measure the light output. But I can tell you this - when you take it outside at night  and shine it on objects, it really lights them up.  Objects that are 50 yards away, you can see clear as a bell.Things that are 100 yards, you can tell what they are. I was really impressed with this little light.

It runs on a single AA battery and the specifications say that it lasts two hours. I turned it on and left it and it does put out good light for an hour or so, then it dims noticeably.   There is an orange button on the end of it that turns it on and off and it seems to be decently sturdy.   As I already said, there is only one mode, it is either off or it is on.  There is no clicking through a half-dozen different modes to get to the one that you want. As to the particulars about what is found inside and how well it is put together, I do not know. I am not that much of a flashlight nerd. I was impressed enough that I ordered another one, and then I ordered two more off of eBay that are clones of this light. Supposedly they put out 300 lm , they have a high, low and a strobe mode, and they were only $5.99. They work well also. These lights do come from China but  for the price, I was highly impressed with them.

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