Friday, December 7, 2012

Here Is A 100 Mph PWC

And just what is a PWC?  Is that what you're wondering?  If you are, then you are about to become educated and you will suffer from ignorance no longer.  If you already know what it is and you want to see it go fast, then click the link below.

Now for the ignorant among you.  Here is what a PWC is.

Well, as I was uploading a photo, google informed me that I reached my limit of free storage space for pictures.  So you did not get a picture of one.  Too bad.

Anyway, I was going to tell you about how fun they are to ride, that most of them will not do above 65 miles per hour, that they can be used for many things ranging from fishing, skiing, tubing, bank robbing, poker running, doing back flips, bikini viewing, if you can think of anything fun to do, it's probably more fun to do it on a personal watercraft.

 I didn't even know that they had drag races for these things.  Kinda cool, I guess.  Should be fun going 100 miles per hour on one.  I bet it ain't cheap though.

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