Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bumblebee Knife

My niece has finished her first knife.  And it turned out pretty cool.  It was made from part of an old skill saw blade and the handles are micarta that we made using yellow and black construction paper and fiberglass resin.  We could not get the holes drilled into the steel for pins but we did use high strength glue so I hope that they hold.  Here is the step by step, if you care to see it.  If you only want to see the finished product, then scroll down to the end.

Here is the knife pattern already cut out and the piece of micarta that we are using that will soon be cutout.

Here is the blade, the handles, and the sheath, all together.

And here is the little sucker with the handles glued on and clamped up to dry.

Here it has just come unclamped.  We need to take the protective tape off of the blade, either grind or sand down all of that excess epoxy and shape the handles on the belt sander.

Here it is, nearly complete.  We have marked and cut the PVC pipe to approximately the right size.  Now we will heat it up and smash it.

Just like this.  You can make it fit as tight or as loose as you wish.  We made it fit tight so that it will not fall out.  Even held upside down and shaken, the knife will not come out unless you pull it out.

After a couple of clear coats, handles on the knife start to look pretty cool.  You can see why I call it a bumblebee knife.

Here is the other side.  I don't know if it looks more bumblebeeish or less.

And this is what it looks like when it is worn how she designed it to be.  It gives you very quick access to your blade.

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